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When savings rates are disappointing,

investing can be a different move.

When it comes to growing your wealth beyond traditional savings accounts, investing can increase your chances of making a positive return. As a private banking client, you benefit from being at the centre of the relationship with our teams across investment advice and fund selection.  
Whether you’re an experienced investor, or just getting started, we create a connected approach to the management of your investment through our unique relationship with the Santander Asset Management team. 
Remember the value of your investments and income from them can go up or down and you could get less than the amount you originally invested. Investments should also be held for the medium to long-term (5+ years). Advice and product charges may apply. 


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Investment Management

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Santander Asset Management. 

When it comes to investing, our approach to meeting your investment goals is straightforward.  We work closely with the team at Santander Asset Management to design products and services that are always focused on helping you achieve your investment goals.  
As a client, you will have exclusive access to the latest insight into investment markets, economic news and investment themes, from the experienced Portfolio Managers and Investment Specialists, as well as having exclusive access to client events where the team can answer questions you may have. 

  • €181 billion assets under management globally* 
  • Over 750 investment professionals globally 
  • Over 49 years investment experience 
  • Based in 11 countries of both developed economies and emerging markets 
    *As at the end of December 2020.  

The Model Portfolio Service. 

The Model Portfolio Service combines the expertise of the Santander Asset Management team with the trusted relationship from your Private Banker and aims to support your changing needs as you go through life.  
Reviewing our 3 key investment criteria; triangulating your financial goals, your comfort with the uncertainty of investments and the time you have available to invest, allows our team to suggest a Model Portfolio which best suits your circumstances. 
As part of this service, your Private Banker provides reviews of your Model Portfolio, either annually or earlier, depending on what suits you best. 

  • The Model Portfolio Service focuses on your personal needs for investing 
  • Your recommended portfolio is based on a model matching 3 key investment criteria 
  • Gain enhanced peace of mind from portfolio reviews with your Private Banker 

Access to a range of funds. 

As a client of Private Banking, you have the opportunity to invest in the Atlas range of funds as well as the Portfolio Investments range from Santander Asset Management. 
The Atlas and Portfolio Investments fund ranges have been created for clients with the ambition to grow their money beyond the potential of traditional savings accounts. One of our private banking team can walk through how these funds work when providing you with advice and discussing your investment strategy.  

  • 9 funds designed for leaving your money to grow over the long-term
  • 4 funds designed to provide you with a regular income
  • Receive advice on which fund suits your needs and risk appetite 

Investing with our structured products. 

Our range of fixed term structured products plans offer you the potential of a return based on the performance of the FTSE 100 Index.  
Capital protected plans: If you’re uncomfortable with the uncertainty of investing, these plans reassure you that you’ll get at least your original capital back at the end of the fixed period.  
Capital at risk plans: a capital at risk plan offers the chance for higher returns but puts your capital at risk.   
Our private banking team can help pick the most suitable plan for you.  

  • Our capital protected plans means you’ll always get at least your original capital back at the time of maturity.
  • Our capital at risk plans links your money to the performance of the underlying index, increasing your potential for higher returns but also putting your capital at risk.
  • Plans offered over a fixed period.  
Your personal introduction to private banking.

One of our core team will be happy to discuss your unique needs from a private bank

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Your personal introduction to private banking.

One of our core team will be happy to discuss your unique needs from a private bank.