State of Play. 5 October 2023

Financial MOT – part one

As we move into the first few days of the last quarter of 2023, the change in our financial world appears to be entering a new phase. Policymakers trying to navigate this transition have come under immense scrutiny as they responded to higher inflation. It feels like a prudent time to take stock and assess the recent journey, checking whether UK Plc would pass a financial MOT. Given the current uncertainty and the challenges we face, do you think it would pass this test? If it failed, what would be the list of advisories necessary to meet the required standard for a roadworthy pass certificate? This week is part one of a two-part series covering the MOT test. State of Play takes a break next week, look out for part two when it returns.

Simon Durling, Santander Asset Management UK’s senior investment specialist shares his thoughts in this week’s State of Play.

SAM UK – State of Play -  5 October 2023